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Students project

Robotics Sandal for womens safety 

News of attacks on women is glaring up on our television sets. The concern of women is at the top of the mind of everybody, and even kids cannot escape from this. During one of our classes, when we heard of one such incident, we thought it best to discuss this with our kids. Options like pepper spray and chili powder were just out of question. But like they say, where there is a will, there is a way! Our students, Chinmay Jadhav, Shambhavi Joshi, Chinmay Maathe and Siddharth Wani spent a lot of time brainstorming for ideas, and came up with this Robotic Sand

The red - Transforming Human Energy to Reduce Electrical Dependency

With the depleting resources of coal, alternate sourcesof energy have to be tapped.At CTC, not only do we teach the children about technology, we also teach them to be socially responsible. And so, our main purpose of this project was to find ways where we can reduce our dependency on electricity. We found that we can easily do so by tapping muscular energy which we use in our day to day work.Again our students, OmkarSathe, Shambhavi Joshi, Sharvin Joshi and AnayTamhane came up with brilliant ideas of using different forms of energy like solar, muscular and wind energy to replace electricity and finally we came up with this project :

Robo nandi - While you roam around the country Your home stays protected by “Robo Nandi” 

Nandi, in Marathi mythology is the bull and the doorman at Lord Shiva’s temple. He is the vehicle and the faithful companion of Lord Shiva and has saved the Lord many a times.The summer vacations are approaching soon and everybody has made plans to go out for a vacation. Even when we are traveling, we are constantly thinkingabout the safety of our home, office, shop etc. In the modern world wouldn’t it be great to have somebody take care of our house while we were away? 

Eco Lamp- A diwali lantern that speak and greet

he polluted aftermath of Diwali has egged children to come up with ways to celebrate the festival in an eco-friendly manner.  Four students of classes V and VI have designed a robotic Diwali lantern that speaks and even wishes you ‘Happy Diwali’.

Brainstorming of Shreya Modkar, Aditya Nirmale, Akshay Pitale and Radhika Godgole resulted in  the speaking eco-lamp which works with a censor technology. The censor gets activated when when a person’s shadow falls on the lamp and the robotic lantern wishes ‘Happy Diwali’.

In making the solar-powered lantern, the students were guided by director of children tech centre in Thane Purushottam Pachpande. 

e- Rakhi - 5 students from Thane give rakhis a hi-tech twist

 THANE: The simple, colourful threads gets a touch of technology this Raksha Bandhan. A group of five students from the Children's Tech Center, Naupada, have designed a rakhi with a device that can record personalized messages with just a press of a button. To make things better, this rakhi is also pocket friendly.

Robotic mushkraj- Ganeshotsav with a robotic twist!

The city is enthusiastically gearing up forGaneshotsav, and so are four students from Children's Tech Centre in Thane. The latter, however, have a hi-tech celebrationon mind.

Shaunak Sawargaonkar, Aneesh Kulkarni, Shambhavi Joshi and Arnav Gadre have developed a robotic Mushakraj that chants mantras after offering naivedya and gives teerth prasad as well

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